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Keep Your Network Small and Meaningful​

The research on networking is clear: High-quality connections are more valuable than weak ties. That means a bigger network is not necessarily better. If your network isn’t helping you forge deeper, more authentic relationships, it may be time to shrink it. Start by taking stock of your priorities. Is how you’re spending your time aligned with your goals? For example, does that monthly lunch with a distant contact add value to your life? Does that conference you’ve attended for years actually help you? If not, drop it. Next, think about the relationships you want to cultivate. What types of people do you want to spend more time with? Are they the types of people you’re currently devoting your energy to? If not, make a plan to change who you’re investing time in. As you shrink your inner circle, you’ll begin thinking of yourself as the architect of your environment and your career.

Source HBR

Keep Your Network Small and Meaningful -

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