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Umberto is an accomplished leader in the field of digital and innovation with more than 15 years of experience across multiple industries.

Currently appointed as Wold Wide Commercial Lead of Microsoft Customer Transformation, leading the strategis of some of the most important partnership deals of Microsoft.


Umberto is known for his unconventional creative thinking, vision and energy and he is considered an "innovator" within the IoT and the consulting community worldwide. Over the years he has worked with many companies on their digital transformation (digital, mobile, IoT, Blockchain) and to ultimately to bring innovation within their culture.

Umberto has designed and launched multi award winning applications for different companies worldwide (FWA, BWA, IMC, IMA).

Umberto has delivered talks on global stages including a TED Talks, CIO leadership exchange, has independently collaborated with top brands on their digital branding campaign and mentored some of the hottest startups in Uk ad US.

Umberto graduated in Bocconi in 2006 and he is a musician and a fighter. 


Elena Aniello, Director of Integrated Marketing and Communication at Accenture

"I consider having worked with Umberto as a great pleasure and can easily say that I chose him as reverse mentor and I'm glad I did."


Giorgio Brugo, Service Design Thinking Lead at The Boston Consulting Group

"Umberto is a Visionary Digital  and Innovation Evangelist capable of grasping the most complex innovation dynamics and translate them in simple and pramatical concepts."


Jonathan Hewett, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Octo Telematics

"Umberto is a leader in the field of Digital Marketing. He is passionate about finding the future before the competition and executing flawlessly for the customer."


Raffaella Galliano, International Board Account Director at Leo Burnett

Umberto is a true visionary in his field and is the most knowledgable person in the industry when it comes to Innovation & Digital Strategy. His extensive strategic experience is coupled with unlimited energy and passion for the subject. At work he inspires with unconventional approaches, drive, determination and boundlessly strives to think out of the box!

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