Traditional Technology Adoption vs. Big-Bang Disruption

Big-bang disruptions don’t follow the usual pattern of customer adoption famously described by Everett Rogers. According to his model, new products sequentially gain popularity with five market segments. In the big-bang model, new products are perfected with a few trial users and then are embraced quickly by the vast majority of the market. #digital #technology #innovation #disrupting #strategy #success #business

Cryptocurrency is a lot more than FinThech. KFC Venezuela Accepts Dash Cryptocurrency, Joining Subwa

"Cryptocurrency and blockchain?! Oh just passing fads! a Bubble! It will never happen" Cryptocurrency and blockchain? maybe in Fintech as a very narrow solution. In the real world it will never happen. How many times have you heard something like this? I bet a lot. Well that's the typical approach of conservatives who are not willing to accept change despite the fact that this change is coming. It happened before, it will happen again and when the change finally comes, they w

Major Indian Business School Issues Blockchain Certs to fight Fake Degrees

While the western world seems to be weirdly questioning the value of degrees and competences, due to the late rise of nationalism and the whole fake news and alternative facts barrage, some other countries (probably destined to global leadership positions in the near future) value so much the importance of instruction and education that are using technology Blockchain technology to secure the validity of education's certificates. India’s top ten business school, SP Jain Schoo

Norwegian Bank Storebrand Lost Almost $12 Billion in Value for ‘Fat-Finger’ Error

Storebrand, a leading Norwegian financial services group worth more than $81 billion shed 14 percent of its share value on Wednesday morning after falling victim to a phenomenon known as a “fat-finger” error. The term refers to an erroneous keyboard or mouse input that places a buy or sell order that is magnitudes larger than intended, or that places an order for the wrong asset or contract, or any other significant variation that substantially skews market outcomes. Norwegia

How Blockchain could fix Facebook Fake news Problem.

Following the digital revolution trajectory we live in exciting times. Lines between industries are blurring and well above 50% of executives know their main competitors in 5 years it’s going to be a different company. We shifted form a sustained advantage model to a transient advantage model in which continuous Innovation is going to be the only way for companies to stay relevant and exist. In this context, widely due to the endemic distribution of digital technologies empow

If Your Innovation Fails It's Your Fault!

It's time to address the elephant in the room: If Innovation fails, dear companies, is greatly due to how you manage and approach innovation (or better how you avoid it) It's not my love of punk and rockn'roll that is typing, but my will of clearly show the main reason why Innovation fails in large companies as Albert Einstein used to say "If you can't say it simply it means you haven't understood it well enough" Let's take a step back: why Innovation is so Important? What is

How Design Thinking Helps the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the late 50's. Its development and the interest around its different forms (is it Strong AI or Weak AI, Symbolic Reasoning or Machine Learning on Artificial Neural Networks) has been a rollercoaster. Super hyped in the 60's and 70's then almost abandoned until the late 80's and 90's and now again in the spotlight. Being a hot topic there is also a lot of confusion around AI. I have been personally working with and in companie

How Blockchain Can Help Marketers Build Better Relationships with Their Customers

Blockchain has important implications for marketing and advertising. But according to The CMO Survey, only 8% of firms rate the use of blockchain in marketing as moderately or very important. Blockchain technology is not well understood and subject to a lot of hype. This combination creates a natural barrier to entry and has likely caused marketers to take a “wait and see” approach. However, there are many reasons to invest the time now to understand the technology and begin

5 Ways Your Data Strategy Can Fail

There are plenty of great ideas and techniques in the data space: from analytics to machine learning to data-driven decision making to improving data quality. Some of these ideas that have been around for a long time and are fully vetted, proving themselves again and again. Others have enjoyed wide socialization in the business, popular, and technical press. Indeed, The Economist proclaimed that data are now “the world’s most valuable asset.” With all these success stories an

The Blockchain Will Do to the Financial System What the Internet Did to Media

Even years into the deployment of the internet, many believed that it was still a fad. Of course, the internet has since become a major influence on our lives, from how we buy goods and services, to the ways we socialize with friends, to the Arab Spring, to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Yet, in the 1990s, the mainstream press scoffed when Nicholas Negroponte predicted that most of us would soon be reading our news online rather than from a newspaper. Fast forward two d

How Digital Trust Compares Across Countries

Our digital evolution and our productive use of new technologies rests on how well we can build digital #trust. But is it possible to measure #digitaltrust and compare it across countries? This chart aims to calibrate trust holistically to measure it and develop global comparisons. It considers four key dimensions: #Behavior, #Attitudes, #Environment, and #Experience. Each value is measured on a scale from 0 to 5 in which 0 is the lowest level of trust possible and 5 is the h

HR Goes Agile

The agile pioneers in the tech world are years ahead of everyone else in adopting the methodology at scale. So who better to provide guidance as managers and HR leaders grapple with how to apply agile talent practices throughout their organizations? In a recent survey, thousands of software developers across many countries and industries identified their biggest obstacles in scaling and the ways they got past them. #Innovation #Business #Digital #HR #Leadership #Strategy

Diversity Programs That Get Results

Companies do a better job of increasing diversity when they forgo the control tactics and frame their efforts more positively. The most effective programs spark engagement, increase contact among different groups, or draw on people’s strong desire to look good to others. #leadership #business #innovation #digital #strategy #diversity

Creating New Value with Data

Data from smart, connected products is generating insights that help businesses, customers, and partners optimize product performance. Simple analytics, applied by individual products to their own data, reveal basic insights; more sophisticated analytics, applied to product data that has been pooled into a “lake” with data from external and enterprise sources, unearth deeper insights. #leadership #business #innovation #digital #technology #success #AI #analytics #data #bigdat

Blockchain Could Help Us Reclaim Control of Our Personal Data

It’s a strange world we live in when large companies such as Facebook, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are able to store huge quantities of our personal data and profit from it in a way that doesn’t always benefit us. And when those same companies lose our personal data and make us susceptible to identity theft, there’s virtually nothing we can do about it. Avoiding to utilise the infamous Facebook privacy case (which actually shouldn't really surprise anyone who subscribed

Facebook Likes

Do you really understand what #Digital and why do you need a #digitalstrategy focused on your #business goals? #innovation #leadership hashtag#success #marketing

Responding Quickly to Customers Complaints Makes People Willing to Pay More in the Future

As important as it is to respond to every #customer issue, it is even more important to respond quickly. #Research finds that a brand can capture substantially more #value by replying right away. When an airline responded to a customer’s #tweet in five minutes or less, that customer was willing to pay almost $20 more for a ticket on that airline in future months. #business #innovation #digital #technology #success

Blockchain Made Simple

La BLockchain sarà una seconda generazione di Internet. Se ne parla tantissimo ma si fa anche tantissima confusione (blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum etc etc). Che cos'è la Blockchain? Come funziona e perchè questa tecnologia cambierà il mondo! #InnovationMadeSimple #blockchain #Innovation #bitcoin #ethereum #transformation #strategy #digital #success #IoT

The Promise of Blockchain Is a World Without Middlemen

The #blockchain is a revolution that builds on another technical revolution so old that only the more experienced among us remember it: the invention of the database. First created at IBM in 1970, the importance of these relational databases to our everyday lives today cannot be overstated. Literally every aspect of our civilization is now dependent on this abstraction for storing and retrieving data. And now the blockchain is about to revolutionize databases, which will in t